We’re a small-batch roaster and coffee shop based in Laconia, NH. We also have delicious waffles and really comfortable chairs.


The Story

We love coffee. Maybe a little too much. And we couldn't find the coffee shop we wanted in Laconia, so we decided to build it ourselves.

Wayfarer Coffee Roasters is located in a historic building downtown – which we've completely renovated. We brought back the original hardwood floors, added a fireplace, and generally made things comfy and relaxing. It's everything we think a coffee shop should be.


The Coffee

We roast all of our coffee in house, one batch at a time, using high-quality commercial-grade equipment. Our head roaster, Ben, obsessively oversees the entire process and makes sure the unique qualities of each batch are always front and center.



We love Laconia and are excited to help make it even better. We want to support people who are making their own communities better, too, so we decided to make fundraising a key component of our business.

If you're raising money for your school, for a non-profit organization you love, or just to plant some flowers to brighten up your neighborhood, we'd love to help.